Welcome to, the online version of Civil War Lady Costume & Dry Goods Division. We are based in Iowa, but do not have a retail outlet available. However, we specialize in mail order and custom made historical clothing.

We attend many Civil War re-enactments where you can shop our well-stocked racks. We take pride in bringing you carefully selected and accurately reproduced items for your re-enacting, living history, film and theatrical production needs.

Our line of tailors carefully manufacture each garment personally, we do not do piece work at our company! This assures you of precision fit and quality.

We have included a "Photo gallery" full of snap shots of our customer who have purchased our gowns. Please scroll down that page to see all of our styles.

At times we are on the road selling at Civil War re-enactments and living history events. Please e-mail your order and we will fulfill your requests as promptly as possible.

Joy Melcher